Video Editing (Critiquing Myself)

I’m a Novice
I was browsing through my YouTube feed this morning while loafing atop the hoard of pillows on my bed, when I saw my old Birthday Trip to Fanø home movie. It make me think about what I would have done differently to edit it. I was using Windows Movie Maker (since it was free), which is a nice program to play with if you don’t know anything about video editing. However, it glitched on me once I uploaded to YouTube and some of the text doesn’t show when I timed it originally. Aside from technical difficulties, I now realize some of the things I could have changed to make a video that would be interesting to more than just the people in the video.

The Content
I brought my dad’s camera to the island to capture the kites I’d see at the kite festival. I also shot some footage of my brothers and I exploring abandoned WWII bunkers nestled in the grassy hills. It was probably my best memory from that summer, which was only a year ago. We saw so many amazing things while walking all over the island: swallows hunting for insects, shaggy longhorn cattle, and even a seal. I tried to capture all of it on camera, which I think was good in terms of getting interesting shots. But when it came to editing, I was overwhelmed with what to include and exclude.

My (Faulted) Editing Process 
The video itself is 22:47 minutes long…which I think is too long for a vlog, but since this is a home movies, I think I can get away with that. But, if I wanted to create a vlog intended for an audience other than my family, I’d cut the video down to around 10-12 minutes. At the time, I just wanted to throw everything on there. Also missing is a clear narrative and good transitions. Another thing that bothered me was the inconsistent music.

What I Can Do Better Next Time
– Take more time with shots…minimize movement.
– When editing, first create a narrative and follow that. Need more planning!
– Only include clips that are relevant to the narrative. Pick one good shot of footage and stick with it!


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