My Issue with Ink


I really enjoy crisp, fine lines when I ink my sketches. I normally use those Pilot extra fine V5 pens, but it’s not exactly my perfect pen. I used this pen on the flower above, and I think it’s great for when you want a slightly wobbly, organic line. However, I’ve been wanting to experiment with a brush pen to get smoother lines.

I had just finished a project where I drew a botanic wreath and inked it with the V5 Pilot, then tried to “watercolor” it using watered down craft acrylic paint. The only thing that didn’t work out the way I intended was the ink bleeding slightly when water was applied. Since it dried, it didn’t bleed that much, and I also tried to avoid brushing over the lines. Anyways, I saw it as an annoyance and wished I had better pens…to be honest I was a little discouraged and allowed the fleeting thought that I couldn’t make something nice linger a little longer than I should have.

So, I wanted to see just how bad the ink would bleed on ink that had various lengths of time to dry. I ended up realizing that the bleeding effect looked sort of cool, when used the right way. It reminded me of those horror illustrations from the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series that I read as a child. So I went with it, and drew the ghost girl above using a combo of the V5 Pilot and a dull sharpie.

The lesson here is to just work with what you have until you can afford to buy new tools.


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