Twenty-two dollars seems like a lot of money (if we share the same financial status), but twenty-two years doesn’t seem as hefty. Twenty-two is fresh and young; it’s dipping your toes into the pool of Adulthood. My last two decades have been spent navigating the educational jungle, and I recently emerged victorious with a degree in biology and two minors: innovation and fisheries/aquatic sciences.

I have always been a creative human. I love to draw, paint, and learn new techniques. Once I began college, my time devoted to creativity essentially shriveled into nothing. It was like I forgot to water my plants…for 4 years. Now that I have graduated I am entering “true adulthood.” I want to make more of an effort to be creative because it makes me happy. This blog will serve as my creative space where I can post my art, pictures, and occasional observations.

To be honest, the stuff I’m going to post now is not at a quality that I’d like it to be, but keep in mind I’m working with 99ยข craft acrylic paint, cheap brushes, old pens, and markers meant for children. But practice doesn’t have to be perfect.


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